Friday, July 22, 2011

You're Looking Quite Green

Hello hello! Sorry that it has been a couple of days since I've posted last, I have just been trying to collect as many photos as I can! This post is going to be showing some of the green outfits I've seen around the cities!

This outfit is brought to you by Adennar from the server of Moon Guard!
Green really is a good color on him! Don't you think so?

Willow Cape (You can just barely see the cape in this picture but it does really add to the outfit.)
Doublet of Deception (Ivycloth Tunic is a great look-a-like.)
Abercrombie's Gloves (These are a quest reward which can be found in Duskwood at level 22!)
Belt of Unsolvable Problems (This particular belt is only available for Alliance but there are so many look-a-likes, don't even worry.)
Stargazer's Pantaloons (These are also a quest reward for a quest in Duskwood!)
Willow Boots

I have had this picture saved for so long and I just never posted it but now is a really good time. I just love this look. It is very creative. Thank you Amatae!

First off we have the...Eye of Rend (which has a 19% drop rate from Warchief Rend Blackhand in Blacrock Spire. Warchief Rend? That makes sense! You know, Eye of Rend?)
Greenhealer's Garb 
Heavy Linen Gloves (Super dooper heavy! Anywhoo, these can be easily made by a tailor as they only need to have their tailoring level at 35.)
Judgement Belt (Oooo...Judgement!)
Dervish Leggings
This outfit is finished off with the always comfortable and versatile...Knitted Sandals! I have always loved these sandals.

Check her out!

Now Keedorian's outfit only has one piece of green but it still counts and I really love the outfit. You may just find him sporting that lovely green vest on the server of Wymrest Accord.

Gypsy Tunic (I really could list all the ways to obtain this great vest but unfortunately it would take forever and would take up all the space in my blog post!)
Formal White Shirt (Fancy!)
Ranger Cord (For rangers only! Well, not really but whatever. I just felt like saying that.)
Archmage Pants (I really should do a post just featuring these pants because I see them ALL the time and especially on the Alliance side.)
Insignia Boots
He also has a dagger but any weapon could really work.

This is Lisanna (with a fancy i)! I love this outfit  for many reasons.
1. She is wearing one of my favorite accessories, goggles.
2. She is wearing one of my character's favorite pants to wear!
Okay so I didn't post all the reasons but those were the biggest ones!

Flying Tiger Goggles (You can never go wrong with a pair of goggles. Ever. Ever!)
Ivycloth Tunic
Willow Belt (A Knitted Belt would work just as well because it is the exact same!)
Shimmering Trousers (I never see these pants enough or it's blue cousin which is a shame because I personally love them.)
Recomposed Boots

Here is another picture of the outfit! Her friend is also in the picture, hehe.

As you can see already, Vivonsho's outfit is not green at all but he is! I love goblins and that is why I am featuring one in this green post. Unfortunately I never see any goblins running around. Poo.

Soul-Trader's Bindings (These seem really hard to obtain but they would certainly give you that unique look.)
The shirt he has underneath says it is the Neophyte's Shirt but unfortunately the only one I could find was not the same one.
Greenweave Bracers (Oh wait! There is green! Woohoo!)
Crochet Boots (They look just so darn cute on his little feet. If you can't tell, I love all things mini which is why I love goblins and gnomes so much.)
You cannot forget the Runic Cane!

That is all the green we have for now! I am thinking about doing a post focusing on red. Good idea or no? I kind of like the idea of posts focused on one specific color.

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