Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goggles Pt. 2

Time for Goggles Pt. 2! We are starting with this very orange look from the fire mage Nerace! She is working her goggles and proving that you do not have to be an engineer to wear these babies!

I shouldn't even ask. I know you want the look.

Authentic Jr. Engineer Goggles (You too can have these goggles, no engineering necessary. They are only made by an engineer though.)
Goldweave Tunic
Wound Dressing (Ouch!)
Ironforge Tabard (Show that Ironforge pride!)
Enumerated Bracers (You can only get these from a Satchel of Helpful Goods at level 50 with a 16% drop rate.)
Hands of Consequences (Yeah...consequences!)
Dawnspire Cord (This only drops from four different bosses in the Sunken Temple with about a 5% drop rate, unfortunately.)
Outlander's Leggings (I believe there is a pair of pants that are similar to this but I am not sure. If you know the name, just let me know.)
Omnicast Boots

Here is another screenshot I took of her outfit! I think she looks amazing. She is rocking that outfit on her Red Mechanostrider!

Ever wanted to be a S.A.F.E Operative? Now you can!

If you have an outfit with goggles that you love, send me a message either on WoW or on Blogger. Maybe you will be featured in Goggles Pt. 3!

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