Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sin'dorei males, what are they wearing?

It seems like I am always featuring girls on here, I say it seems because I actually have no clue at all. So I decided to give some of the Sin'dorei males their time in the spotlight!

First we have Catamitus wearing a very nice outfit, if I may say so myself. I don't see that shirt too often. It is always the other colors.

Swashbuckler's Cape
Golden Filigreed Doublet (Like I said before, I rarely see this one because it is always the blue one or the black one.)
Pilgrim's Belt
Bonechewer Ripleggings (I love these!)
Sun Cured Boots (Easily purchased at the Cloth & Leather Merchant at Sunstrider Isle.)
Sunstrider Dagger (The dagger is a nice little touch.)

Quite the outfit, no? I am sure other races could wear this but I don't think it would look as good. The black hair really helps the outfit out too! Nice going, Hayle!

Shoulderpads of Knowledge's Pursuit (Purchased at the Isle of Quel'Danas from Yrma.)
Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape
Cindercloth Vest (Usually this is worn by the blood elf females paired with the slutty little "pants" but they aren't the only ones that can rock this vest!)
Ebon Filigreed Doublet (55 gold for this baby if you don't have it already!)
Gloves of Tyri's Power (Also purchased from Yrma!)
Slayer's Belt
Pantaloons of Growing Strife
Boots of the Worshiper

I could totally see him being a vendor of some sort!

Shadow Council Tunic (This is such a great tunic to have in your closet.)
Prospector's Mitts
Pygmy Belt (Such a strange word...pygmy!)
Archmage Pants (Ooo...archmage? Fancy pants.)
Dark Leather Boots
He had a nice little purple dagger to go along with it too but unfortunately I did not write that down, hehe.

He is like...the perfect blood elf. This looks so good on him! Sin'dorei pride, Kreshalan!

Conqueror's Epaulets
Wrathful Gladiator's Cloak of Triumph (Whew! That was a mouthful. Now say that 5 times.)
Conqueror's Breastplate
Stylish Red Shirt (Very...what is the word? Stylish!)
Silvermoon City Tabard (You have to have the tabard!)
Lightforge Gauntlets
Hyperion Legplates (I don't think these are that comfortable...)
Hyperion Greaves
The Sunbreaker (Weapons can certainly add to an outfit!)
Dawnforged Defender

This is such a simple look. I really enjoy it. Keep lookin' good, Saijuko (which I mispelt the first time and he had to correct me. Hehe.) And for some reason, that name reminds me of sudoku? Just me? Okay...

Wound Dressing (It may be expensive but this is a great piece to have!)
Standard Issue Airborne Belt (So you can fly?)
Kaboom Leggings (Hehe...kaboom...)
Recruit's Boots

P.S. You must be confident about that tummy if you want this outfit. Mhm!

Want to spice up that same old boring Tuxedo Suit? Sanarian has some ideas for you!

Silver Thread Cloak
Tuxedo Jacket (Worth this...)
Spidetank Oilrag (Oilrag? Lovely!)
Black Mageweave Gloves
Tuxedo Pants (Worn that...)
Thick Cloth Shoes (How thick can cloth be exactly?)

This is the very handsome Calthor from the roleplay server of Wyrmrest Accord!
I can honestly say that I have not seen this look before. It really allows you to dress up the look with the tuxedo shirt!

Footpad's Vest
Tuxedo Shirt
Tattered Cloth Gloves
Light Cloth Belt (Knitted Belt is the exact same, hehe.)
Tuxedo Pants
Dress Shoes
Not much to say about all the items. I mean, we've all seen them before?

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