Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dandrace's Dark Look

As I was putting some things into my bank I noticed this outfit worn by the very suspicious looking Dandrace on the server of Moon Guard. I personally love when someone can come up with an amazing outfit involving the Stylish Black Shirt. I think she did a very nice job with this outfit!

Want the look? I think you do...

Fireheart Skullcap (I wonder if this is hard to get because I almost never see anyone wearing it?)
Master's Vest ( You could susbstitute it with Elemental Raiment. You just wouldn't wear the Stylish Black Shirt and it would be a slimmer look.)
Stylish Black Shirt (I wonder how many outfits have been featured that have this shirt? It is just so versatile.)
Master's Belt
Master's Leggings (You could always use just regular Tuxedo Pants but it would definitly darken the outfit even more. I personally like the light black or gray look of it.)
Master's Boots (You could use the Recruit's Boots or even Bandit Boots if you have them.)

Here is another look at the outfit:

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  1. Hah! I know her, such a sweet girl, setting people on fire and such.