Sunday, July 10, 2011

Troll Fashion Pt. 1

In this blog post, it is all about the trolls! I don't have much to say so let's just jump right into the looks!

The first look is brought to you by the troll Kumoo!
Every piece of his armor is green and so is his hair! This armor really brings out his skin tone. I don't know if this would look as good on any other race besides the troll, maybe goblin but the troll knows how to work it.

Feathered Headdress (Green...)
Serpentskin Spaulders(Green...)
Unyielding Fists   (Green...)
Fel Iron Chain Tunic (More green!)
Brackwater Leggings
Thick Scale Sabatons

Here is a...troll, duh! This is Jerack. He may not have a shirt but the outfit works very well, no? When you are a troll, you don't even need a shirt!

Embrace of the Night
Poison Fang Bracers 
Sash of Musing
Darkbrand Leggings (These leggings can be made by your friendly leatherworker!)
Relentless Edge (This only drops from Ignis the Furnace Master in Ulduar. There is a 22% chance of drop.)

Female troll time! Woot! Woot! This is the very lovely and exotic Xarron. Here outfit is very simple but has the trollish touch.

Blue Overalls (I have seen so many different races wear these overalls and look amazing in them! I especially love when gnomes where them because they look like they are tinkering. I have never really seen a troll really look good in them till now. She doesn't even need a shirt underneath!)
Girdle of Nobility (This belt is just barely visible but it adds a really nice tough. The color is a bluer version of her skin, no?)
Staff of the Green Circle (Unfortunately, this staff is a reward for a druid only quest at level 20. I am sure there are other staves close to this though, I am just not sure.)

 This is an extremely simple outfit and I don't even think I should mention what he is wearing because it is pretty obvious. All I have to say is you could be wearing the most amazing rp outfit or absolutely nothing, the trolls look so awesome just perched on a railing like Jozkan is!

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