Saturday, July 9, 2011


Look at this! Do you see this? This outfit screams warlock and it helps that he is one! There is red detail in almost every piece of this outfit, including his staff and his hair! What else can I say? I really love this outfit.

Want the look?

Geomancer's Spaulders
Cindercloth Robe (I love this robe. Too bad it is always overpriced on the auction house. I am guilty though! I do overprice stuff on my tailor.)
Masha's Armbands (They are Masha's. No touchy!)
Aboriginal Gloves (I wonder if he has the woolies under that robe... :P)
Willow Belt (You could easily just get the Knitted Belt from your local cloth vendor. They are the exact same.)
Knitted Sandals
Twisted Chanter's Staff (With a little enchanting on it! Makes it all red.)

Thank you very much Veliron from Moon Guard!

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