Sunday, July 10, 2011

Are you farming yet?

Farm it! Yeah, just farm it!
Uhh...I don't know exactly what that just was but moving on! This blog post is show casing farmers. Yes, farmers. We've all seen them in the world of Azeroth. I recently came across Lerscott and Waroney wearing their farmer gear and here is what they have! Both different looks but have the same simple farmer man quality about them.

Lerscott (Left):
*Beware* Lots of knitted-ness!
Studded Hat (This hat can typically be bought at your favorite hatter. Mine being Evan Larson located in Stormwind City at Larson Clothiers for about one gold.)
Knitted Tunic (All Knitted items can easily be purchased from your local cloth vendor. No need for farming and working up a sweat, just walk on over to the vendor and buy yourself some knitted shtuff!)
Dark Silk Shirt (This is underneath the Knitted Tunic and is tucked into the bracers, just barely visible!)
Knitted Bracers (Each Knitted item is between 1-2 silver. Very cheap.)
Knitted Gloves
Knitted Belt
Knitted Pants (Last Knitted item! Whew!)
Dark Leather Boots (These can be made by your friendly leatherworker!)

Now for Waroney (Right)!
He too has the...Studded Hat
Bandit Jerkin
Thick Cloth Gloves (Very thick!)
Recruit's Pants (Easily found on any lvl 1 human, dwarf, and gnome warrior!)
Recruit's Boots (Same thing here!)
Rusted Pitchfork (The Rusted Pitchfork is a really great accessory to making your outfit into a farmer outfit! The pitchfork can only be found in the Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave with a 4% or 8% drop rate depending on what humanoid you kill.)

Here are some random farmers around Eastern Kingdoms! (Westfall and Stormwind City)

Farmer Wallerton

Farmer Saldean     Farmer's Wife!

The chicken companion is a great farmer's accessory!

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