Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dark Huntress Ryphu

Hello everybody! Today I will be featuring Ryphu. She actually contacted me after a friend of hers had an outfit featured in a post. This probably would have been up much sooner but I kept forgetting or was too busy to go and meet up with her which I felt really bad about but she was always so nice. Anyways, let's get started!

Here is her first outfit! I don't have much to say besides that she looks very intimidating in that.

Forever-Lovely Rose (A really great accessory. Ryphu proves that this can really go with any outfit.)
Mantle of Shadowy Embrace (This is a drop from Keli'dan the Breaker in the Blood Furnace. About a 26% drop!)
You can barely see it in this picture but she is wearing Drape of the Messenger.
Robe of the Shadow Council (Want this? Black Temple is the place. I am going to be perfectly honest. Since I'm a little nooblet, I've never heard of the Black Temple.)
Shadow Council Gloves
Sandals of Summer (If you don't have them, you are going to have to wait till next year because Midsummer Fire Festival just recently ended.)

Doesn't she just look so holy? Well, minus the swords because that is scary and I am confident she knows how to use those.

Forever-Lovely Rose (Love is in the Air holiday!)
Gossamer Shoulderpads
Gossamer Robe (Such a great robe and it looks amazing with her hair.)
Radiant Boots (Your best friend who happens to be a blacksmith can make these lovely boots for you at 290!)
Phosphorescent Blade (She has two of these blades and both have the Icy Chill enchantment on it to make them all shiny.)

Notice a trend so far? Every outfit she has must have a great looking weapon with it!

Forever-Lovely Rose
Mantle of Inconsolable Fear (The Black Knight drops these babies in Trial of the Champion. The Black Knight reminds me of the Dark Knight for some stupid reason.)
Gown of Blaumeux (Dropped by Gluth. Such an attractive name. Everyone name your kids after Gluth!)
Veteran's Chain Sabatons (208 Justice Points!)
Life and Death (I personally prefer life over death but whatever!)

Smexiness time! Shake that money maker! Or not...

I am just going to stop linking the Forever-Lovely Rose now because I think you all get the picture. Crap...I did it again, didn't I?
Masterwork Breastplate (I don't know how good this looks on males...)
Masterwork Gauntlets
Masterwork Legplates
Radiant Boots
Soul Cleaver (Oh, geez...soul cleaver?)

I could have actually featured this look in the color series for blue but I resisted!

Lasting Feralheart Spaulders
Anchorite's Robes (Purchased from Quartermaster Endarin in Shattrath City for 17 gold!)
Blue Workman's Shirt (You can just barely see it but it adds a real nice touch.)
Verteran's Chain Sabatons
She is wearing two Dragonscale-Encrusted Longblade.

Dark Conjuror's Collar (I wonder if those are comfortable.)
Amice of Brilliant Light (Brilliant light, not stupid light. We mean high IQs, people!)
Spiritmend Robe (An almost maxed tailor can make this for you.)
Shadow Council Gloves
Sandals of Summer
Last Laugh (You know who will have the last laugh? No not you! Me!)

She means business..

Helm of Assassination (You are going to be looking for Harbringer Skyriss in The Arcatraz for this.)
Merciless Gladiator's Chain Spaulders (So many words!)
Ranger-General's Chestguard
Merciless Gladiator's Chain Gauntlets
Merciless Gladiator's Chain Leggings
Veteran's Chain Sabatons (208 Justice Points!)
She has two Phantom Blades with both of them being enchanted with Mongoose.

Lifespark Visage (I seriously typed in Lifespank Visage and I was wondering why it wasn't showing up. Yeah, just spank life's booty!)
Epaulets of the Fateful Accord
You can just barely see the cloak but I want you to know what it is anyways! It is the Wispcloak.
Garments of Temperance
Shadow Council Gloves (I know I am linking these a lot but why not wear them if they match with all of your outfits? It means more bagspace people!)
Sandals of Summer
Aesir's Edge

Smexiness #2!

Mantle of the Unforgiven
Chestguard of No Remorse
Cerulean Filigreed Doublet (I am always showing outfits that feature the red doublet but as of late I have been spotting a lot of people rocking the blue. Now you don't always have to be red!)
Armwraps of Disdain
Shadow Council Gloves
Liar's Cord (Liar liar pants on fire, hanging from a telephone wire!)
Black Mageweave Leggings (This is where the smexiness comes from!)
Clefthoof Wanderboots

She will most likely bite...and hard.

She described this as her "simple Troll look." I agree!

Tusked Shoulderpads
Voldrune Robe
Shadow Council Gloves
Treads of Malorne

This is her most casual outfit.

Master's Hat
Shadow Council Tunic
Gem Studded Bracelets ( I <3 these!)
Scouting Belt
Tuxedo Pants
Archmage Slippers (Those are quite big slippers, if you ask me!)

This reminds me of a certain type of bunny that turns white in the winter and it blends into it's surrounds. No?

White Bandit Mask (Tailors always FTW!)
Boneshredder Shoulderguards (Mmm, shredded bones. That sounds like my typical breakfast!)
Boneshredder Jerkin
Common White Shirt (It is pretty common.)
Boneshredder Gloves
Boneshredder Britches
Ghostwalker Boots

Time for the interview!

What would you say is your character's personal style?
-A more darker theme; holding secrets and keeping a close eye on everything that happens. But she can have her brighter days and come out of her shell.

How much money (or time) do you think you have spent on your outfits? It doesn't have to be exact, just a rough guess.
-...Months upon months. Seeing as most of my outfits consist of things that are from raids - duplicate items from raids - or things that require much stalking of the Auction House, I can't say a true time. As far as spending goes, I've tried multiple pieces to find -just- that right piece to fit the outfit; so the total cost is at least over 50k.

Oh, wow. Over 50k? Would you say that money was well spent?
-For the most part. Sometimes I would browse the Auction House and see a single piece that was just stunning; having to make an outfit of it. Over time it turns out that my character had no real cling to the outfit, so I just vendored the items. As far as trying out new pieces to find the perfect piece; it was always like a huge dig in the sand for the treasure chest- Bringing a lot of fun. Most of the gold was well spent, but either way I put gold into someone's pocket in the end. /shrug

I noticed a lot of your outfits featured the Forever-Lovely Rose, why is that? Is it an accessory that defines your character?
-It's a piece I use mostly when I see that an outfit would look best without any fancy headpiece. The only real links it has to my character is that she loves Roses; but it seems that as if everything she loves dies within her grasp.

So it seems you really take the time to find an outfit that your character would actually wear. What is something she wouldn't be caught dead in?
-Hrm...orange. I naturally dislike the color orange in real life; so there's no way my character would walk around as an oversized pumpkin.

Do you ever have problems dressing the blood elf body? Like draenei's have the hooves and goblins may have trouble with the skin color.
-It's actually really easy. The figure and posture are amazing. The only problem I have from time to time is if I'm looking for a headpiece or shoulderguards. Since Ry -very rarely- changes her hairstyle, it causes some of the pieces to clip through her hair; making it look awkward. So, I have to leave it with the forever-lovely rose.

What is your go to accessory? Some always need a flashy mount, maybe a cute companion, or a large weapon. Stuff like that.
-There's usually always my beast at my side; I can't say how much I love the skin. The ring I always have puts on this sphere around me, it defines a lot of my characters background. Her steed is obviously something of the darker sorts; and it has to be unique since that's how I am. I also have a macro made for my trinkets and racial, causing an epic disappearing act when needed.

Out of all the outfits you've shown me, which one is your favorite and why?
-...I honestly can't answer that. I've no favorite, seeing I wear them equally. With the amount of time and effort I put into each outfit, I make sure that each one is worn atleast once a week. Asking me which is my favorite is like asking a child what flavor ice-cream they want.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Red, red, red...more red?

Hello hello hello! I just uploaded a post about outfits featuring the wonderful color of green. Now we are going on the opposite side of the color wheel and doing red! I didn't even realize how many looks I had with red until I looked into my "database". I hope you enjoy!

Here is the first red look! This is Karilen showing us how red, a power color, does not need to be dramatic. This is a very low-key look that I really appreciate.

Stylish Red Shirt (A very nice tailor can make this for you at level 110!)
Belt of Unsolvable Problems (Does it matter if you have problems when you look amazing?)
Escalation Britches (This is a reward for a quest in Redridge Mountains. Sorry Hordies!)
Harvester Boots

Look at that! With only 4 items you have a very casual look.

Yes, I was stalking her.

One of my character's has reddish-brown hair and I am definitly going to steal this look for her. I wish I could show you a better picture but unfortunately I couldn't get one. Thanks Keydiean! That name sounds SO familiar but I can't figure it out...

Cindercloth Vest (Tailors FTW!)
Sawbones Shirt (I have heard of nor seen this short before. A 3% drop rate from Doctor Theolen Krastinov in Scholomance explains that.)
Illidari Bracers (Surprisingly these are leather even though they don't look like it.)
Burning Blade Devotee's Cinch (The Tranquillien belt is a look-a-like.)
Tuxedo Pants
Recruit's Boots

Here is the super nice and lovely Kinria! Instead of stalking her, she actually came to me and wanted me to check out her outfit. I have seen her around but never actually got a chance to write down her items and take a screenshot. I really do love her outfit though and that is why I am showing it to you! She was also nice enough to write about Oh, Azeroth on the Moon Guard forums which actually has helped out a lot! Read It Here is the link if you want to check it out.

Jeweler's Ruby Monocle (Very stylish.)
Red Mageweave Shoulders
Nethervoid Cloak (You can't even see it in this picture but I thought I'd write this down anyways.)
Robe of Power (POWER!)
Neophyte's Shirt
Shadowy Laced Handwraps
Marshal's Satin Sandals
You can barely see it here but she is also wearing Black Ice. She also had her cute little Red Moth with her.

This is Lilnuma who is showing that draenei's are still very sexy but also showing a somewhat studious side of her with that hat!

Red Pointy Hat (Very pointy...)
Scarlet Filigreed Shirt (30 gold but so worth it.)
Bloody Surgeon's Mitts (Because nothing is sexier than a pair of blood gloves.)
Battleforge Legguards
As for shoes, she is a draenei so they just have hooves. I would suggest Recruit's Boots but it really depends on your style.

Here is Markus showing off the manly side of red! Mhm, men can work it too. Doesn't he look strong? Look at those muscles!

Black Mageweave Headband
Murkblood Chestpiece
Scarlet Filigreed Doublet (Best 50 gold you'd ever spend.)
Black Mageweave Gloves
Gilnean Recruit's Belt
Sorcerer Pants
Judgement Sabatons (These really help tie the red in to the outfit.)

Friday, July 22, 2011

You're Looking Quite Green

Hello hello! Sorry that it has been a couple of days since I've posted last, I have just been trying to collect as many photos as I can! This post is going to be showing some of the green outfits I've seen around the cities!

This outfit is brought to you by Adennar from the server of Moon Guard!
Green really is a good color on him! Don't you think so?

Willow Cape (You can just barely see the cape in this picture but it does really add to the outfit.)
Doublet of Deception (Ivycloth Tunic is a great look-a-like.)
Abercrombie's Gloves (These are a quest reward which can be found in Duskwood at level 22!)
Belt of Unsolvable Problems (This particular belt is only available for Alliance but there are so many look-a-likes, don't even worry.)
Stargazer's Pantaloons (These are also a quest reward for a quest in Duskwood!)
Willow Boots

I have had this picture saved for so long and I just never posted it but now is a really good time. I just love this look. It is very creative. Thank you Amatae!

First off we have the...Eye of Rend (which has a 19% drop rate from Warchief Rend Blackhand in Blacrock Spire. Warchief Rend? That makes sense! You know, Eye of Rend?)
Greenhealer's Garb 
Heavy Linen Gloves (Super dooper heavy! Anywhoo, these can be easily made by a tailor as they only need to have their tailoring level at 35.)
Judgement Belt (Oooo...Judgement!)
Dervish Leggings
This outfit is finished off with the always comfortable and versatile...Knitted Sandals! I have always loved these sandals.

Check her out!

Now Keedorian's outfit only has one piece of green but it still counts and I really love the outfit. You may just find him sporting that lovely green vest on the server of Wymrest Accord.

Gypsy Tunic (I really could list all the ways to obtain this great vest but unfortunately it would take forever and would take up all the space in my blog post!)
Formal White Shirt (Fancy!)
Ranger Cord (For rangers only! Well, not really but whatever. I just felt like saying that.)
Archmage Pants (I really should do a post just featuring these pants because I see them ALL the time and especially on the Alliance side.)
Insignia Boots
He also has a dagger but any weapon could really work.

This is Lisanna (with a fancy i)! I love this outfit  for many reasons.
1. She is wearing one of my favorite accessories, goggles.
2. She is wearing one of my character's favorite pants to wear!
Okay so I didn't post all the reasons but those were the biggest ones!

Flying Tiger Goggles (You can never go wrong with a pair of goggles. Ever. Ever!)
Ivycloth Tunic
Willow Belt (A Knitted Belt would work just as well because it is the exact same!)
Shimmering Trousers (I never see these pants enough or it's blue cousin which is a shame because I personally love them.)
Recomposed Boots

Here is another picture of the outfit! Her friend is also in the picture, hehe.

As you can see already, Vivonsho's outfit is not green at all but he is! I love goblins and that is why I am featuring one in this green post. Unfortunately I never see any goblins running around. Poo.

Soul-Trader's Bindings (These seem really hard to obtain but they would certainly give you that unique look.)
The shirt he has underneath says it is the Neophyte's Shirt but unfortunately the only one I could find was not the same one.
Greenweave Bracers (Oh wait! There is green! Woohoo!)
Crochet Boots (They look just so darn cute on his little feet. If you can't tell, I love all things mini which is why I love goblins and gnomes so much.)
You cannot forget the Runic Cane!

That is all the green we have for now! I am thinking about doing a post focusing on red. Good idea or no? I kind of like the idea of posts focused on one specific color.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sin'dorei males, what are they wearing?

It seems like I am always featuring girls on here, I say it seems because I actually have no clue at all. So I decided to give some of the Sin'dorei males their time in the spotlight!

First we have Catamitus wearing a very nice outfit, if I may say so myself. I don't see that shirt too often. It is always the other colors.

Swashbuckler's Cape
Golden Filigreed Doublet (Like I said before, I rarely see this one because it is always the blue one or the black one.)
Pilgrim's Belt
Bonechewer Ripleggings (I love these!)
Sun Cured Boots (Easily purchased at the Cloth & Leather Merchant at Sunstrider Isle.)
Sunstrider Dagger (The dagger is a nice little touch.)

Quite the outfit, no? I am sure other races could wear this but I don't think it would look as good. The black hair really helps the outfit out too! Nice going, Hayle!

Shoulderpads of Knowledge's Pursuit (Purchased at the Isle of Quel'Danas from Yrma.)
Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape
Cindercloth Vest (Usually this is worn by the blood elf females paired with the slutty little "pants" but they aren't the only ones that can rock this vest!)
Ebon Filigreed Doublet (55 gold for this baby if you don't have it already!)
Gloves of Tyri's Power (Also purchased from Yrma!)
Slayer's Belt
Pantaloons of Growing Strife
Boots of the Worshiper

I could totally see him being a vendor of some sort!

Shadow Council Tunic (This is such a great tunic to have in your closet.)
Prospector's Mitts
Pygmy Belt (Such a strange word...pygmy!)
Archmage Pants (Ooo...archmage? Fancy pants.)
Dark Leather Boots
He had a nice little purple dagger to go along with it too but unfortunately I did not write that down, hehe.

He is like...the perfect blood elf. This looks so good on him! Sin'dorei pride, Kreshalan!

Conqueror's Epaulets
Wrathful Gladiator's Cloak of Triumph (Whew! That was a mouthful. Now say that 5 times.)
Conqueror's Breastplate
Stylish Red Shirt (Very...what is the word? Stylish!)
Silvermoon City Tabard (You have to have the tabard!)
Lightforge Gauntlets
Hyperion Legplates (I don't think these are that comfortable...)
Hyperion Greaves
The Sunbreaker (Weapons can certainly add to an outfit!)
Dawnforged Defender

This is such a simple look. I really enjoy it. Keep lookin' good, Saijuko (which I mispelt the first time and he had to correct me. Hehe.) And for some reason, that name reminds me of sudoku? Just me? Okay...

Wound Dressing (It may be expensive but this is a great piece to have!)
Standard Issue Airborne Belt (So you can fly?)
Kaboom Leggings (Hehe...kaboom...)
Recruit's Boots

P.S. You must be confident about that tummy if you want this outfit. Mhm!

Want to spice up that same old boring Tuxedo Suit? Sanarian has some ideas for you!

Silver Thread Cloak
Tuxedo Jacket (Worth this...)
Spidetank Oilrag (Oilrag? Lovely!)
Black Mageweave Gloves
Tuxedo Pants (Worn that...)
Thick Cloth Shoes (How thick can cloth be exactly?)

This is the very handsome Calthor from the roleplay server of Wyrmrest Accord!
I can honestly say that I have not seen this look before. It really allows you to dress up the look with the tuxedo shirt!

Footpad's Vest
Tuxedo Shirt
Tattered Cloth Gloves
Light Cloth Belt (Knitted Belt is the exact same, hehe.)
Tuxedo Pants
Dress Shoes
Not much to say about all the items. I mean, we've all seen them before?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goggles Pt. 3

Oh, yes. The goggles are back! Whenever I am running around the city on my scouting alts to find very new and amazing outfits, I still always see the goggles. So here they are, Goggles pt. 3. I am sure there are more to come!

We are starting off with a very simple goggle look that mainly consists of the color purple to match the striking color of her very lovely goggles. This look brought to you by Tamuril on the server of Wyrmrest Accord is really a perfect lowbie look.

Shadow Goggles 
Here comes the calico! The calico set is very easy to get.
Calico Tunic
Calico Bracers 
Calico Gloves
Calico Belt
Calico Pants
Calico Shoes
While we are at it let's just add a Calico Cat to go with the theme!

Another way you can wear this is to take away the gloves and just add a pair of Knitted Sandals. Whatever you like! It is such a simple look you could honestly do whatever just looks good to you.

Here is another look that really captures the simplicity of goggles, they aren't always an accessory for a really extravagant outfit. Thanks Deyador!

Flying Tiger Goggles (Flying? Really? That's interesting. Good news for everyone! These are actually really to get! Just raise your engineering level to 100.)
Durable Tunic (Durable? Suuuure. I'd like to see how durable!)
White Swashbuckler's Shirt (You don't necessarily need the shirt but it does add a nice touch to the outfit. Makes the wrists not look so plain and boring!)
Linen Belt (Super easy to get. A tailor can make you this belt at only level 15!)
Ivycloth Pants
Infiltrator Boots

I really love this look. I rarely ever see these goggles. I can honestly say I have never seen an outfit like this featuring the goggles so I just love it, like I said before. I hope you love it too! Let's all appreciate Domitri's look from the server of Moon Guard. (Well, it is Domitri with all the fancy little i's that I don't even know how to do!)

Destruction Holo-gogs (These are amazing! I wish people would wear them more often.)
Valorous Kirin Tor Shoulderpads (Sadly, only certain classes can purchase these lovely shoulderpads with Spaulders of the Wayward Vanquisher.)
Firehawk Robes (These are for mages only! Sorry.)
Sash of Anquish (There is actually a low level cloth belt that is the exact match but unfortunately I couldn't find the name. Just check your AH and you may be able to find one. I believe it is level 20 and under.)
Wrathful Gladiator's Treads of Alacrity (Since you can barely see the feet, anything could really look good with this outfit. Well, not anything of course. Hehe.)

Doesn't she just look so awesome? Oh, yes she does! Don't deny it! Keep rockin' the outfit Khyme!

Spellpower Goggles Xtreme 
Draenic Silk Robes (Costs 50g and 5c from Hakmud of Argus the traveling trader. Seriously, why add the extra 5 copper?)
Cross-Stitched Sandals (Seriously, you could just get the Knitted Sandals. Much easier.)

The weapons look great with the outfit too!
Energetic Rod (21% drop from Alzzin the Wildshaper in Dire Maul.)
Sunstrider Shield

Here comes more!

He looks just so darn fancy! This is Kurone from Moon Guard!

Spectrecles (There are actually other goggles that look basically the same. I actually think the Shadow Goggles from the first look are actually the same color and style.)
Twinbraid Shoulders
Regal Cloak
Purple Dinner Suit
Tuxedo Shirt
Gut Opener Gloves (Perfect for when you need to open you know...guts.)
Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Girdle
Buccaneer's Boots

Here is another look featuring the Spellpower Goggles Xtreme! Here Temren is showing a simpler look than Khyme's very elegant and feminine look.

Seer's Padded Armor
Bright Gloves (They aren't that bright. Strange.)
Enumerated Wrap (15% drop in a Satchful of Helpful Goods at around level 15!)
Conjurer's Breeches
Soft-Soled Linen Boots (Hrm, I wonder if they really are soft-soled.)

And see how awesome he looks on that bike?

Alright, that is all for Goggles Pt.3! If you read this and do not feel inspired, you are a sad human being. Check back later for Goggles Pt.4 because I am sure there will be another.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Trend Report: Big Belts!

Yes, I know you have seen them. Most of the time they are just used for armor and not roleplay purposes but lately I've been noticing a lot of really cool outfits featuring these sometimes goofy looking accessories. So, I went around Silvermoon City on the servers of Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord and I have found some really great looks that I hope you will enjoy too!

These two very cool outfits are brought to you by Koltek (Male) and Tykaja (Female) from the server of Wyrmrest Accord. These two looks actually really inspired me to do the trend report of big belts. First of, I am going to thank the lovely pair for being so kind to briefly stop their roleplay to stand up and let me take a screenshot.

Koltek's Look:

Swashbuckler's Eyepatch (I hope his eye is okay! Hehe.)
Lightsworn Tunic (This tunic is only purchased with Justice Points.)
Armguards of Unearthly Light (Halls of Origination, baby!)
Flesh-Shaper's Gurney Strap (Look at it! It's huge!)
Bone Drake's Enameled Boots

Tykaja's Look:

Mantle of Master Cho
Robe of Orsis (This can be purchased in Uldum from Blacksmith Abasi for 50g 77s 7c but you have to be Revered with Ramkahen.)
Sand Silk Wristband
Grips of the Failed Immortal
Dreamless Belt (This bad boy can be made by your most trusted tailor friend! :D)
Now unfortunately, I lost what shoes she is wearing but there are so many different shoes that you could you use instead of the ones she is wearing!

D'aw! Aren't they the cutest RP couple?

Here is Sheiros on the server of Moon Guard! He is rocking his very own big belt and the outfit looks great!

Assassin's Chestplate (Leatherworks can make this at 525!)
Dark Silk Shirt
Wind Dancer's Gloves (4% drop rate from Argaloth in Baradin Hold)
Belt of Nefarious Whispers (Your leatherworker friend can make this for you, if they love you, at 525!)
Wind Dancer's Leggaurds
Treads of Fleeting Joy (Fleeting joy? Well, poo!)

Look...so badass...

That is all of the big belts I have for now but just you wait...there will be more!

So question, what are your thoughts on big belts?

That Undead Rogue...Shyffer!

Hello there! I recently did a mini interview with the undead rogue Shyffer on the roleplay server of Moon Guard. Basically what you will see in this post is that I took screenshots of some of his outfits and I asked him questions about his style. As always, I will post on the side what he is wearing so that if you really love an outfit you can get the look! I hope to do more of these in the future. If you happen to have a bunch of outfits that you really enjoy, message me on my "scouting" characters Kynleigh (Alliance) or Tiankaiya (Horde).

Here is the first look! You will notice in all of his outfits, they just scream rogue.

Nightslayer Chestpiece
Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Armwraps of Alacrity
Bloodfang Gloves (These are a drop from only three bosses in Blackwing Lair with about a 7% drop. Better work hard!)
Bloodfang Belt (A 20% drop from Vaelastrasz the Corrupt in Blackwing Lair.)
Bloodfang Pants (These are only dropped from Ragnaros in Molten Core with a 17% drop rate.)
Bloodfang Boots (21% chance of drop in again, Blackwing Lair from Broodlord Lashlayer.)

Ooo...scary and blue!

Chestguard of No Remorse (Really? No remorse? Not even a teeny bit? Okay, whatever.)
Armwraps of Disdain (Swamplord Musel'ek drops these in The Underbog.)
Mantle of the Unforgiven (Nexus-Prince Shaffar in the Mana-Tombs is where you are going to find these babies.)
Cowl of the Guiltless (No remorse, he won't be forgiven, and guitless? Don't you sound like a party...)
Gloves of the Unbound
Liar's Cord (You lie too? You are breaking my heart!)
Leggings of the Unrepetant
Boots of the Unjust

This is a really dark look, perfect for hiding in the shadows!

Shadowcraft Cap (Unfortunately, this item is no longer available in the game but don't worry. I am sure there are plenty others! I don't know the name at the moment, but I know there is one.)
Tunic of Assassination (Found in the Mechanar! Dropped by only one boss.)
Nightslayer Gloves 
Leggings of Assassination
Knitted Sandals (If you don't know already, these lovely sandals can be purchased at your local cloth vendor. If you don't have any, go pick some up! They are extremely versatile.)

We've all seen the Tuxedo suit before but Shyffer adds his own little flair to the suit by adding Prospector's Mitts and a Seer's Fine Stein!

Now to the interview...

What would you say is your charater's personal style?
-Sleek and dark. Trying to stick with what a rogue would dress like when 'on the job' as it were.

Do you find it harder to dress an undead's body?
-No, not really, I think it might get a bit annoying for caster type characters who wear robes and want to look consistent and whatnot.

How much money( or time ) do you think you've spent on your outfits? Just a rough guess.
-Well, I had to farm most of this stuff from dungeons, but a few things I just came across while playing the game and thinking, "Eh, this looks cool-ish." Short version: Maybe a few weeks
altogether, though not consecutively.

So, why do you like to rock the tuxedo look?
-My character used to bartend and people seemed to really not be completely hostile toward the suit, so I kept it and wear it now and then.

Out of all the outfits you've shown me, which one is your favorite and why?
-The suit. Because that's a modest answer and I had fun RPing with it.

And last question...what is your favorite WoW accessory for roleplay? Like some people love goggles, big belts, or maybe an adorable companion.
-Mine would have to be a See'rs Fine Stein, again, because of nostalgia.