Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Casual Outfit

Most of the Sin'dorei males I see walking around Silvermoon City on the realm of Moon Guard are almost always dressed in armor. They really love their armor. When they aren't dressed in armor, their casual clothes aren't that impressive. I personally really enjoy this outfit created by Ivoron. When it is time for his character just to simply relax, he goes for this outfit. Doesn't it seem comfortable? I also think the Worg Pup is a great touch too!

Love the outfit, too? Here is what he is wearing:

Ebon Filigreed Shirt (I have never been able to make this work on my characters.)
Webspinner Cord (His was actually the Webspinner Cord of Strength but unfortunately I couldn't find it.)
Tuxedo Pants (The very versatile pants.)
Ritual Sandals (His were the Ritual Sandals of the Whale, unfortunately I could not find them. Again.)

I don't know what his Worg Pup is named but I think I want to name him Fluffy. Have any better ideas?

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