Monday, July 11, 2011

Trend Report: Big Belts!

Yes, I know you have seen them. Most of the time they are just used for armor and not roleplay purposes but lately I've been noticing a lot of really cool outfits featuring these sometimes goofy looking accessories. So, I went around Silvermoon City on the servers of Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord and I have found some really great looks that I hope you will enjoy too!

These two very cool outfits are brought to you by Koltek (Male) and Tykaja (Female) from the server of Wyrmrest Accord. These two looks actually really inspired me to do the trend report of big belts. First of, I am going to thank the lovely pair for being so kind to briefly stop their roleplay to stand up and let me take a screenshot.

Koltek's Look:

Swashbuckler's Eyepatch (I hope his eye is okay! Hehe.)
Lightsworn Tunic (This tunic is only purchased with Justice Points.)
Armguards of Unearthly Light (Halls of Origination, baby!)
Flesh-Shaper's Gurney Strap (Look at it! It's huge!)
Bone Drake's Enameled Boots

Tykaja's Look:

Mantle of Master Cho
Robe of Orsis (This can be purchased in Uldum from Blacksmith Abasi for 50g 77s 7c but you have to be Revered with Ramkahen.)
Sand Silk Wristband
Grips of the Failed Immortal
Dreamless Belt (This bad boy can be made by your most trusted tailor friend! :D)
Now unfortunately, I lost what shoes she is wearing but there are so many different shoes that you could you use instead of the ones she is wearing!

D'aw! Aren't they the cutest RP couple?

Here is Sheiros on the server of Moon Guard! He is rocking his very own big belt and the outfit looks great!

Assassin's Chestplate (Leatherworks can make this at 525!)
Dark Silk Shirt
Wind Dancer's Gloves (4% drop rate from Argaloth in Baradin Hold)
Belt of Nefarious Whispers (Your leatherworker friend can make this for you, if they love you, at 525!)
Wind Dancer's Leggaurds
Treads of Fleeting Joy (Fleeting joy? Well, poo!) badass...

That is all of the big belts I have for now but just you wait...there will be more!

So question, what are your thoughts on big belts?

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  1. I've never been a huge fan of these belts before because I've never seen anyone wear them right but I really like these three looks. I may just change my opinion now!