Saturday, September 10, 2011

Work it, Oovoo!

Hello everyone! I have had these outfits saved on my computer for some time now trying to figure out what theme it would be considered as, but I feel that these outfits don't even need to be accompanied by any others! So, just enjoy this adorable gnome as much as I did.

Oh Oovoo, you do look good.

Crimson Felt Hat ( A 17% drop rate from Magistrate Barthilas in Stratholme!)
Festival Suit (This is most commonly seen with the other colors during the Lunar Festival which should be coming up in a few months, I'll most likely be featuring outfits that I see around with all of the amazing items!)
Ascendant's Boots (This is a reward from a quest in Shadowmoon Valley.)
And of course, you need a cute little creature with you! So here is a Brown Prairie Dog.

I also found him another day wearing the same outfit, just a different "hat" accessory! They both look amazing!

This outfit features the Rose Colored Goggles instead of the Crimson Felt Hat. This definitly makes it more of a gnomish outfit and look at that hair! Woo!

Go ahead and try this outfit out, but I am not going to lie to you. You probably won't look as awesome if you aren't a pink haired gnome...sorry.

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