Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's tabard time, baby!

Hello! Hello! Hello! Today we will be featuring tabards! Oh, yes, tabards. Now, I wanted to take my time with this subject and find a bunch of different tabards, which I did. I am pretty sure there will be more parts to this because there are SO many tabards in Azeroth. Anywhoo, let's get started!

And remember, don't be afraid to show your pride people!

The first look we have is from Caelan! He is wearing a tabard...if you didn't know, but it is not just a tabard! It is the Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade!

Outlander's Facewrap (I am really not a fan of the word facewrap. It just sounds like someone is having their face wrapped in cloth?)
Red Mageweave Shoulders (Tailoring people!)
Crimson Silk Cloak (...Tailoring...)
Bloodfyre Robes of Annihilation (Muwahaha *cough* ha)
Imperial Red Gloves (These can drop from a number of places and creatures.)
Bloodwoven Cord (That is -really- unsanitary. Seriously.)
Sandals of Summer ("Infused with the spirit of Midsummer")
The outfit is not complete without the Soul Harvester!

Next look!

 This is a very dark and scary look featuring black and red! Thanks Darkcrest!

Black Mageweave Vest ( sexy...)
Ebon Filigreed Doublet (55 gold, bitches!)
Tabard of the Dragonmaw Clan (I am just guessing here, but is this a common tabard to see? I've never actually seen it before yesterday.)
Frostsavage Belt ("Savages! Savages! Barely even human!")
Frostsavage Gloves ("Now we sound the drums of WAR!")

Now you can show your pride in the Dragonmaw Clan and look smexay. Oh yes.

SHORT PEOPLE PRIDE! ...or gnomes...
Dormammu is a human! Oh well!

Flying Tiger Goggles (Work those goggles, baby!)
Footman Tunic (Quest reward from  Elwynn Forest)
Gnomeregan Tabard (Woot. Woot. Woot.)
Gloves of the "Pure" (Quest reward in Scarlet Monestary)
Belt of the Fang (Drops in Wailing Caverns!)
Patched Pants (Quest reward in Elwynn Forest)
Weather-Worn Boots (Another quest reward in Elwynn Forest!)

Darnassus in the house! Darnassus in the house!
Except Hazelmere isn't purple?!?!?!

Rich Purple Silk Shirt (Tailors are amazing.)
Darnassus Tabard ("Baby shut your mouth and turn me inside out...")
Pantaloons of Repetence (Sorry! I was listening to Britney Spears...)
Goblin Thug's Boots (This is what the goblins start with.)
Blade of Twisted Visions (No longer available in the game. Sorry!)

Here is a sexy horde tabard look! Go Jane! And also, HUGE props for getting the name Jane. Seriously. It is one of those names that are so common so that they are always taken.

Bandit Cinch (Super common.)

This is an outfit for any females that want to look badass, sexy, bloody, and show your pride for Orgrimmar AT THE SAME TIME!

I was kinda stalking Oraylia for this outfit. Just saying.

Ragefury Eyepatch (Question: Is there something wrong with her eye or is it just a fashion statement? Hm.)
Champion's Pauldrons (Champion! *flexes*)
Tabard of the Wyrmrest Accord (It's funny because she's on the server of WA.)
Platemail Gloves (2g 37s 42c. That specific.)
Chainmail Belt (8s 77c. That cheap.)

Finding an outfit to go with the Stormwind City Tabard was actually REALLY hard because of all the Stormwind Guard guilds out there, all I saw was tabard...tabard...tabard. So I really just had to decide which one was a little bit different than the rest and I went with Tauph's outfit!

Ragefury Eyepatch (AGAIN with the eyepatch! Is there something actually wrong with her eye?)
Sage's Mantle (Sooo common, I couldn't list everything.)
I have the Blue Martial Shirt written down, but I don't think that is correct. It may actually be the Formal White Shirt.
Ashen Gloves (Quest reward in Duskwood)
Daltry's Belt (Same thing. Quest reward in Duskwood.)
Ghoul-Hunter Leggings (Want to take a guess? Duskwood!)
Cold Boots (So are they just -always- cold?)

Are you ready? It's Undercity time!

"This sex is on fire." <---Sorry. I was listening to some music. Guess the song!

Silk Headband (Just take a WILD guess on how you get this. If it starts with a T, you are right.)
Aberrant Vest (Quest reward from Hillsbrad Foothills.)
Stylish Blue Shirt (You'll look fabulous, darling!)
Undercity Tabard (Just 10 silver to show your pride. Cheap!)
Joanna's Sash (Quest reward from Hillsbrad? Nope! Azshara!)

Last, but certainly not least, is Verenor with the Gilneas tabard! Doesn't he look fancy?

Lord Walden's Top Hat (Worgen only, sorry!)
Duskhallow Mantle (Kill the priestess!)
Truesilver Breastplate (Blacksmith!)
Royal Gloves (Ooo...royal.)

9 tabards down! 1,000,007 to go! So show me your tabard looks! (Minus guild tabards)

Random screenshot time!


  1. Halleluja for the coming of transmogrification. I have been playing on pure PVP servers for my entire wow career - aka stats-goes-before-anything-bleah - but finally am I going to be able to dress my characters in the latest fashion!
    Now to steal some of those ideas... *Excitingly making notes as scrolling trough the pictures*

  2. I just discovered this blog recently, and it rocks! :D

    I've got quite a collection of outfits do I go about submitting some of my favorite looks?