Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who needs a shirt anyways?

Hello everyone! It's been awhile but I am back with a new post and today we are going shirtless! Yes, you heard me right. Not only does it save money, but there are actually some fashionable outfits out there with NO shirts. While these are all men, I am all about equality for the sexes so ladies...maybe just try it?

Starting us off is the very manly looking (right?) Aurison from the server of Moon Guard! Oh look at that chest! Okay, I'll stop now. Let's see what he is wearing.
Note: 3/4 of this outfit consist of scarlet items.
Scarlet Wristguards (Only a 3% drop on both Scarlet Guardsmen and Scarlet Protector.)
Scarlet Belt (A 3% drop rate as well BUT from the Scarlet Defenders and Scarlet Myrimdons.)
Scarlet Leggings (Guess what? A 24% drop rate from Herod the Scarlet Champion and Scarlet Commander Mograine. Shoddy Chain Pants could also be another option.)
Silvered Bronze Boots (Blacksmiths. Blacksmiths. Blacksmiths.)

Next up we have...

Look at the buffness and...blueness? Clawfury is buff and blue!

Bael Modan Monnion (Not two, just one. Looks cooler that way.)
Arachnid Gloves (Took me FOREVER to find these since apparently I cannot write well.)
Houndmaster's Belt (He is the master... of hounds. If you didn't know that. I did.)
Leggings of the Verdant Oasis (A reward from a questline in Maraudon.)
Maloof's Spare Boots (Yeah, nothing really clever to say. Not that I am actually clever OR funny.)
And the final touch...Tigerbane

More blueness! Nimelen is blue!

Silver Scaled Belt (Also a quest reward!)
Simple Kilt (Quite simply put, the Simple Kilt is quite simple.)

Here is the last look but the first horde look of the post!

Seyna! Seyna! Seyna!

Bloodthirsty Leather Bracers (Leatherworker...)
Bloodied Leather Gloves (You really should clean your gloves, that is just not attractive.)

That is it for now! I hope to make more posts featuring shirtless outfits! So...take it off!
And hey, if you have any good ideas for posts just lemme know!

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